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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy (Privacy Policy) controls the collection and use of personal information so that we can provide our services to you. We will, regularly, collect, store, use, process, and transfer certain personal information about you by Engees Communications Private Limited (11za).

A legal and binding agreement between you and 11za is enforceable under the laws of India which includes this Privacy Policy. This attaches the terms and service of our Web and mobile application (App) and the terms of use of the website together.

The Privacy Policy can undergo certain modifications at any time, as regulated by us, and such revisions are effective immediately after being posted on the website and the App; If any user makes use of the website or the App, as soon as these changes are made, the user automatically accepts the regulations and these changes are deemed upon them.

You are required to read this Privacy Policy entirely before signing in and users are asked to regularly check this page and have proper information of the modifications of the policies and understand them in a better way. 11za shall not take any responsibility for your inability to remain informed from your side about such changes.


We accumulate the following types of data from its users:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail address
  3. Location and/or address
  4. Phone number
  5. Business Name and Registration Number

We accumulate the following types of data through the mobile app:

  1. Contact List
  2. Images, Audio, Video & Documents

As mentioned under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 (Data Protection Rules), we do not retain any information which may interrupt the ‘sensitive personal data or information of any user.

The information above will be gathered and preserved following the given structure:

203, Oberon, Above Yes Bank,
New Citylight Road,
Surat, Gujarat – 395017

Phone: +91-9726654060


We gather information from you for supplying services to you. But anytime, you will have the option to abstain from revealing your information to us. But when you do so, we will no longer be bound to continue laying out services to you. We will not be obliged to provide you with access to the App.

You give the consent to receiving updates regarding your account (such as sign-up confirmation, updated terms of service, account expiry, etc) on WhatsApp as soon as you sign up for an account with us.


Disclosure of any personal information will be done only if we are ordered to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction or to any government agency if instructed legally. Except that, we can be entrusted that no disclosure of your personal information will occur to any third parties.


As provided by the Data Protection Rules, we ensure complete confidentiality and privacy to our users by applying all-inclusive information security practices and standards.


If any queries or concerns arise in your mind regarding this Privacy Policy, we are here to help you!  You may address your questions to our grievance officer at the following email address:

If for any personal cause, you would like your account and all correlated data to be erased from our platform, you can email your deletion request to